Advantages of PAN

Unique Properties

  • Rapid onset and offset of its effects.

  • Specific action on the endorphin system.

  • Gaseous agent which can be given in exactly correct amounts required for therapy or investigation.

  • Virtually no addictive potential.
  • Safety
    PAN has been employed in an identical manner for millions of administrations in routine dental practice, for over 50 years without a single serious side effect ever having been reported.

    Avoids Animal Experiments
    The safety, fine control and evanescent effects available when using PAN enable the investigator to work directly in humans without using experimental animals. Apart from the undesirability of using animals for experimentation from a humanitarian viewpoint, there are practical snags associated with such work. Among these, are the problems associated with extrapolating observations from one species to another. For instance, animal experiments examining the side effects of thalidomide gave no indication of its potential to cause human birth defects.